More from the "This Papercut Life' series, 2010

'The House Between Two Hills', papercut, 2010

'Rachel's Providence', papercut, 2010

'Cat Bird Girl (Frocked)', 2010

'Clan O'Doherty (Life in the Clouds)', papercut, 2010

'Message in a Bottle', papercut, 2010


  1. These are great Sue. I reckon the paper-cutting is bringing out some interesting symbolism in your work.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I have just bought The House Between Two Hills, and want to let you know its symbolism to me. My 50th birthday was on 4 June, and I ran away for it, spending four wonderful nights at West Cape Howe, and dividing the days between Denmark and Albany. Workmates had suprised me with morning tea and a gift voucher for Found at Freo Arts Centre, so I went this morning and fell in love with your paper art. The House in particular appealed to me, without knowing its title or that you were Albany-based, it just felt right. I love it when that happens!

    Thank you :*)