'Initiation Dress' scoops Awards at Albany's "Illuminate" Exhibition

'Initiation Dress' is a part of 'Illuminate', an exhibition of 3D artworks by selected Albany artists at the residency Museum from Sep 24 - Oct 9, 2010. As a part of this exhibition there were 2 awards: the 'Grove Securities Aquisition Award' ($2000) and the 'Community Award' ($2000), which were judged by WA artists Margaret Ainscow and Dean Malcolm. "Initiation Dress' scooped both awards on opening night.

“Initiation Dress” papercut, 300gsm studio paper, 2010, Dimensions 150 x 105cm: “Initiation Dress” is an extension of my ideas in which I have been using papercut dresses as vessels/ frames in which to explore notions of femininity. For Illuminate, the white paper dress (similar to a wedding or ceremonial dress) is suspended in space while lighting creates an ethereal play of shadows, which are as essential to the piece as the dress itself. It’s about growth, life, and spirit and those realms (of the shadow world) in which we can’t firmly grasp but innately know somehow exists.