This Paper Cut Life series 2010

'Man, Woman, and Child', papercut, 2010

These are all papercuts that featured in my first papercut exhibition at Vancouver Cafe and Store in Albany. The exhibition was a sell out and started me on the paper path.

"Man", 2010

"Free Thinker", 2010

These works are all a part of the "This Paper Cut Life" exhibition which opened Wed March 31 at 5.30pm at the Vancouver Store and Cafe in Albany. The exhibition will continue until April 30.
Vancouver Cafe is a eclectic and friendly community Cafe that hosts a range of great community tivi events. A great place to get to know the local


"Good Advice", 2010

"Fortitude", 2010

"We Hang Together", 2010

"Leaper (Into Flight)", 2009

"Decay", 2009

'Music man', papercut, 2010

"We Grow Together", 2010

"Child" 2010


More from the "This Papercut Life' series, 2010

'The House Between Two Hills', papercut, 2010

'Rachel's Providence', papercut, 2010

'Cat Bird Girl (Frocked)', 2010

'Clan O'Doherty (Life in the Clouds)', papercut, 2010

'Message in a Bottle', papercut, 2010