"Paper: Scissors: Frock #2" exhibition

"Arising", "Strength Returns" and "Bird of Thought", 2010

"Paper, Scissors, Frock #2" now on at the Vancouver Store and Cafe in Vancouver St, Albany, is an extension of the show at Mark Blythes Fine Jewelry- with new and reworked peices, plus an installation of a flock of papercut birds which fly across the walls and pop up in small spaces. Vancouver Cafe is a vibrant, eclectic, communitY hub, filled with ever changing art shows, fantastic fresh food, all run by the by wonderful team of people headed up by Alison Teede. The exhibition continues until the end of November.

The exhibition at Mark Blythes has been extended and continues until early December so if you have not got a chance to see it- you have now.

"Leveling" and "Ascension #2", 2010

"Navigating the Unknown#4" and "Where to From Here?", 2010

"Paper, Scissors, Frock" #4 & #3, 2010

"Carried" and "The Winter of Our Discontent #2", 2010


Krysta Guille photos

For the Great Southern Art Trail this year Krysta Guille, who is an amazing photographer down here on the south coast, selected 6 Albany artists whom she featured in a set of stunning photos as a part of her exhibition at Alkoomi Wines- check them out and find out more about the artists (as well as check out her stunning photography) on her blogsite: Krysta Guille Photography

Papercut Portrait Commissions Welcome!

"Tim", papercut, 2010
This is a papercut portrait of Tim commissioned by Annette for his birthday. I am offering personally commissioned portraits now with the intention of capturing a sense of the person and what they are into- what 'floats their boat'.
"Music Man" 2010.
This is a portrait of my husband Geoff- whose talent is an amazing voice.