Miss Melville and Mrs Clarence

"Miss Melville and Mrs Clarence" 2011, black and red paper, ink. This is a small scale papercut of the large scale papercut I am working on for the window of RICARDA. It depicts the beautiful and historic town of Albany where I live, on the south coast of Western Australia. Its main features are 2 hills (Mt Melville and Mt Clarence) in which this creative hub is nestled overlooking a stunning harbour. Albany and its features are nestled into the folds of these 2 grand ladies dresses, in my own way capturing some of the history of the place and the strong sense of community to be found here.


Recent commissions- unique wedding and special occassion gifts

"For Lawrence and Zoe", papercut, 2011
This is a new papercut which is a commissioned wedding gift. These are great gift ideas for weddings and special occasions and are designed to suit the uniqueness of the persons recieving them.
"This Life" 2011, is recent commission for Tanya's mum.