Corporate Commissions

These are miniature papercuts consisting of 3 layers of paper and ink to create a 3D affect. They were commissioned by the Albany Port as the speakers gifts for an international Port Conference. All 14 of them are framed in small white box frames and are based on Albany- the harbour, hills, Amity which was the boat that bought the first explorers to the place and which is now a replica down on the foreshore.


New Commission

"Min and the Lads", 2011, for my very dear friend Claire- a birthday present for her Mother.


NEW! This Papercut Life Brooches!

These are my new brooches! These unique little wearable artworks are etched versions of my various papercut designs.

'Miss Melville and Mrs Clarence' wins award in Centenial Art Award

"Miss Melville and Miss Clarence" have just won the "Celebrating Albany Grove Aquisition/ Local Artist" Award at the Centennial Art Award in Albany.