New brooches and pendants

These are some new pendant and brooch designs. Stay tuned for earings which are coming soon!


New work

"The Bird and the Key", papercut, ink, 2011.
One of my new works coming up in the Art Trail launch Exhibition at Rickety Gate Wines in Denmark.

"Runaway Boat", papercut and ink, 2011.
Another work which is going into "The Boat Show" at the Vancouver Arts Centre for the Art Trail.

"Anna", lasercut and ink, 2011.
Yes I have my new lasercutter now so am now able to do a mix of handcut and lasercut works- which will save my poor shoulders and hands from RSI!!!!

"Imogen", lasercut and ink, 2011.
Another recently commissioned design which I was able to cut with the laser. It creates a totally different finish to the handcut works which adds a new dimension to the work.