A new wedding dress commission- the dress is based on the design of the brides dress, and I have created it in 2 layers- a white raised layer with a black raised layer over the top- creating those beautiful papercut shadows. And then I have been playing with background mounts- my favourite is the silver grey- but the red and the black are nice to play with......Oh and there is also a new work I have made for a show at Gunyulgup Galleries in Yallingup this July- "Mirror"- a contemplative and 'reflective' peice.....


Busy little studio

My much loved studio at present has a lot happening- this is just a small section of it.

. This is a recent commission- a portrait for a family of five- and is a little different to my usual works in that I have cut the papercut in white, and it has been framed on a blue background. There is a lovely fresh crispness about this peice. Its about family, growth, tree of life, and from a union of two, three beautiful creatures have come!

"Black Bird White Bird" (pen) is a drawing which will soon also become a papercut in preparation for an exhibition at Gunyulgup Galleries in Yallingup in July.