Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! I hope that your new year has been a great start. Mine started with a brilliant month in Malaysia with my family relaxing and refuelling in preparation for another exciting year ahead, before we head off for a year of travel in 2014 (including a month in New York which I am really excited about!!!)

2012 was a great year for This Papercut Life. My little courtyard studio & creative business has grown into a full time pursuit and at the end of last year I had to employ someone to help me as it was so crazy busy. As well as work in several exhibitions, and many, many commissions, I also continued to stock some really wonderful shops and galleries run by some fantastic, determined and  inspired people who have a passion for all things art. I also created some metal cut-out banner designs for the Shire of Gnowangerup which were placed in their main street. See the pics below.

As for 2013- as well as keeping up with orders and commissioned works, designing a new range of jewellery and woodcuts, I am also creating a peice for the Bunbury Bienale, and am a part of an exhibition at the Melody Smith Gallery in Perth called "Unconscious ARTiculation.

For me this is all about lifestyle, doing what I love and am passionate about, meeting and connecting with inspiring people along the way, enjoying the journey, as well as meeting lifes challenges head on- and its this that inspires my papercut designs- family, friends, community, neighbourhood, home....life.  

So I look forward to sharing the journey with you through these images..........


  1. Hello Sue

    Having only recently settled in Albany, it was only today that I wandered into the Visitor's Centre and saw your work - Wow! So divine! I'm sending my husband and little girls back to select something for my birthday next week!

    Good luck for this new year - can't wait to see what this year holds in store for you!!


  2. Thanks Samantha, Welocme to Albany! You can also find my work at the Vancouver Cafe which is a great little cafe on Vancouver St if you have not already discovered it- and my studio.