Artwork commissioned by the City of Perth commemorating the Perth/ Houston Sister City 30th Anniversary

"Perth/ Houston: 30 Years", papercut and ink, 800 x 1100mm (framed)
 I was recently commissioned by the City of Perth to designs and create a papercut that will be gifted to Houston for the 30th Anniversary of the Perth/ Houston Sister City relationship.

The delicate papercut artwork reflects Perth’s skyline overlooking the winding Swan River. Iconic black swans fly above the city with other birds including parrot and magpie. Wildflowers and vegetation found in Kings Park flow waterfall-like from the picture and include Grevillia and Kangaroo Paw. The artwork is designed so that close inspection will reveal small details.

In the top left hand corner Houston is represented as a tiny distant skyline in the clouds- joined to Perth by a series of umbilical lines.

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